Welcome! My name is Mark and I am primarily a city and landscape photographer based out of Dublin, Ireland. I first developed an interest in photography when I was living in London at the age of 21 and bought my first bridge camera. It was great fun exploring the city, shooting and playing around with the images in the edit room.

Soon after returning to Dublin I invested in my first DSLR camera and have been in love with photography since that moment. The challenge of looking at shots and composing them in a way that others don’t see is a lot of fun. The fact that my photos hang in people’s homes now drives me to reach new heights every day.

You can find a selection of my work on this website as well as my Facebook and Instagram page which are linked below.



City Photography

I love shooting around cities, it is a truly awesome experience looking at the buildings and objects in a different way. Seeing how they join together or how they reflect off each other during sunrise is really cool, or how a building reflects in a puddle on the street.

There is also a diverse range of people in the city and shooting candid shots of people going about their daily business can lead to some of my favourite photos.

Exploring cities with a wide angle lens lets me take in so much detail in small spaces and really show them off in a spectacular way. Cities take on different characters based on the time of day or the time of year and that is what makes them so much fun for me.

The same location can look completely different in the winter than it did in summer or it can look different from the day time to the night time.

Landscape Photography

When I’m not in a city shooting then I am probably in a secluded spot shooting some sweet nature and landscape shots. They are almost the flip of the city, there is peace when you are left to work with just your camera and the environment around you.

Exploring forests, rivers, valleys, countryside or small little towns and villages allows me to take shots which present the location and nothing more to distract from that.

Macro shots, long exposures, time lapses…they all add to the fun when out among the wildlife and taking photos of nature.

Business Photography

Sometimes it is a case of getting shots that a business needs be it for their marketing campaign, new product ranges, poster campaigns and more. If you need photography for your business then reach out and lets talk about it. I may be the guy to help you out and we can create something stunning for your business.

The great thing about hiring a photographer is that any top quality photographer will not be willing to put out a product beside their name which is of a low standard.

I hold myself to the highest standards, I am always trying to get better, I am always looking for the sweeter shot and with me there is no way you are getting a below par photo shoot because I simply won’t put my reputation against it. You know you will get something that oozes quality.

Drone Photography

More recently I have been working on photography from the sky using drones. A drone is opening up the doors for a whole new range of possibilities to catch unique shots from the air and they are a lot of fun.

Literally, I can get to places now that I could not get to before to get the shot. I work with a DJI Phantom drone to get a photo of stunning quality from the sky, something which just years ago was not as easy to do.

I have a lot of ideas for drone shoots coming up so keep an eye on this space and check out the video below.