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To enquire about making a booking for my photography services you can email me:

The background to becoming a photographer

I first started exploring photography as a hobby when I moved to London at the age of 21. While I was busy working for the Ambulance service at the time, moving to a big city like London when you don’t know anybody at the start. Looking to explore a new city and find something new to do with my time I invested in my first ‘proper’ camera (when I say proper I mean something that was not a point and shoot camera).

I bought my first bridge camera, I cant remember the make or model for the life of me but what I can remember is that I picked it up in Argos for £120. Because I was only starting to explore photography at the time I wasn’t sure if I was going to get bored of it and move on at a later time. So there was no way I was spending a lot of money on a fancy camera. The three years I spent in London I used the bridge camera which had some pretty neat settings to play around with such as fish eye effects and so on.

Following my brothers tragic death when he was 16, I moved back to Dublin for my own sanity and also to be near to family. At the time I was yearning to occupy my mind and so I invested in my first DSLR kit, a Nikon D3300. Since then the obsession with photography has grown, I added on to the kit over the coming years and developed my own style for city based photography which is what I primarily enjoy shooting.

What I shoot with

This is something that people seem to be really into knowing, the following list is the equipment I use to shoot with and to edit with. No, I don’t use Photoshop for the simple reason I don’t like adding things to the photo which were never there when I pressed the shutter button. I know Photoshop is used for more than just shopping objects in but it is a programme I simply choose not to use.

  • Nikon D5300
  • Nikon 18-55mm lens
  • Nikon 70-200mm lens
  • Sigma 10-30mm lens
  • 8x ND filters
  • Cokin Adapter rings
  • Standard Tripod (no idea what the make is, it just holds the camera steady…)
  • Joby Gorillapod for DSLR
  • DJI Phantom 3 Standard with HD camera
  • Soft lighting setup (though natural lighting is always best if you can get it)
  • Samsung Galaxy S8+
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • VSCO
  • iMovie

What you can book me for

I am now taking bookings for a variety of different shoots. You can book me for pretty much anything you need however there are some things I won’t take bookings for.

I won’t be taking bookings for weddings or family portraits at this time. Please don’t email me regarding these two forms of photography shoots at it is simply areas which I am not looking to cover at the moment.

However if you have a corporate event coming up, a conference or a summit and you are looking for a photographer then by all means drop me an email and we can discuss details. If you need photography for your business products for your website or your social media accounts I can get that done for you too. Anything that basically does not fall into the category of a wedding or family portraits is possible, email me and we can discuss any details and specifics.

**Please note, this is a one person operation at present. Bookings are first come first served so if I happen to be booked for the day you are looking for I do apologise but it is just how the cards fall. I don’t hold days for people, if you email asking if a time slot is free now it may not be free the following week.**

How much does it cost and how do I book?

This is a new service and the first time I am offering photography as a service alongside the current offering I have as a freelancer in blogging and social media management.

At the current time prices are available on quotation based on what kind of shoot you are looking for, if you want half day, full day or multiple day shoots. I don’t bite, if you are interested then send me an email, we can work out the details of what you need and I will give you a quote for the work.

If you wish to proceed at that point then awesome! And if you don’t wish to proceed at that point then no harm done! 🙂

To enquire about making a booking send me an email:

Can I see a sample of your work?

Of course! There are three places you can go to catch different samples of my work. You can of course check out my portfolio on my website:

You can check out my Pexels photography page where there is a small number of images that can be downloaded in full resolution and used for personal or commercial needs at no cost.

And finally you can have a look at the extensive range of work on my Instagram profile.