By @TheMarkDalton

Are you a photographer or an aspiring photographer? Yes? Well in that case you should be working on some form of online presence. There are so many platforms to choose from now, so which is the best one to show off your photos and to catch people’s attention? Here are three I would highly recommend. 


How anyone with an interest in photography could write off Instagram I don’t know, but incredibly people do just that. The platform is booming and at a fast rate too. It has the discoverability with the use of hashtags to expand your reach quickly to unseen eyes.

Brands and businesses looking to connect with photographers and looking for photographers to work with them on projects are on the hunt through Instagram. It has grown into more than just a photo sharing tool, it is now a lifestyle platform.

If you take it serious as a photographer and work your way into a pod to help accelerate growth and engagement you will find the benefits are certainly there. Consistence is key to growth, aim for three posts per day minimum and create content through stories daily.


Next up is Facebook and the gain to be had here at the moment is through the use of ads. Set up a Facebook page and either cross link from Instagram or upload the final edited shot directly to Facebook if you wish.

If you start a photography blog to share your content or adventures you can also funnel that through the Facebook page for your audience. As mentioned though the real benefit is the ad model.

At the current price, Facebook ads are the best value for money on the market if you set them up and target them correctly. Again there is the opportunity for exposure and to be discovered on the social media network and given that it is the largest social media network on the planet it would be a foolish move to overlook it.


One which is maybe not as well known is Pexels which is a stock photo sharing platform that allows photographers to upload their work and allows users to download and use the work for their personal or commercial ventures under a CC0 License which means photos are free for personal and commercial use and there is no attribution required.

So where is the benefit for photographers in this? Again, your photos are put in front of millions of visitors which helps you promote your website, blog or social media accounts. At the same time you are giving back to a community and helping people find awesome content for their websites or blogs. There is also the opportunity to showcase your work through a portfolio on Pexels and to earn some $$ through PayPal donations.

The key here is not to upload a giant catalogue of your works but a small selection, you don’t want to give too much away for free! Too many photographers completely obsess over trying to protect their work online. Sometimes you need to give without expectation and good things will happen.