Hello! Today I am announcing some pretty big changes to the sale of prints which will come into effect from September 1st.


Up to now I have printed my work on a high definition gloss paper. It was perfect for when I started to sell print work initially and has served well. From October I will be no longer using this service however and will be switching printed work to a UltraHD Hahnemühle Fine Art Print. I know what you are thinking…what the hell is a UltraHD Hahnemühle Fine Art Print? Let me explain…


Simply put, this is the gold standard quality for photographers printing work in the business. It is a top of the line print with a stunning finish which is incredibly sharp, clear and the highest quality available.


To go with the new fine art prints there will be new frames. Again, up to this point I have used a low cost frame to keep the price down but now I will be switching to frames supplied by Strand Framing in Clonakilty. Black will remain as the preferred and only choice of frame colour but the frames themselves are handmade from the Strand Framing factory in West Cork. The mount on the inside of the frame will remain as standard.


The 12×8 photo size has been discontinued, quite simply it wasn’t popular enough. At present the only size on offer is the A3. I am exploring other sizing options to add to the range at present but that will be something for next year.


Again, up to now I have given people the option of getting any shot they want printed. That is also changing, from October 1st there will be only a limited selection of photographs on offer to order from markdaltonphotography.com … but why? Well simply put, I now have over 1,000 photos alone on Instagram and that number is only going to rise. Trying to manage the library is a nightmare and just doesn’t make sense going forward. There will be limited exclusives on offer at different stages of the year as well but over the coming weeks the selection on the main website will be fleshed out and refined and that selection will be the only option to order from when September rolls around. If you try to place an order for a photo outside the selection on the website you will be very politely told that it is not available. Such is life…


Maybe the most important thing of all to both myself and you the customer right? Naturally all of this comes at a cost and to be honest with you this is a change which is a long time coming. My dear mother would tell me I charge too much, but the reality is I am one of the cheapest photographers you could buy prints from at the moment.

When I first started to sell prints I made a decision to use specific quality and frames which did a good job, provided a good final product and kept the cost down. Raising the price to the industry standard is something I should have done a long time ago but have been content to leave it up to now. The final product of fine art prints and hand finished frames is exciting for me and the following prices will be the new prices from September 1st 2019

A3 Unframed : €45.00

A3 Framed : €75.00


Yes, of course. As always you can email your orders in to markdaltonphotography@gmail.com or send me a message on any social media channel you like to place an order on.

As standard, prints before the 1st September will still be printed on the current high quality print paper and frames I have used from day 1. If you wish to place an order for a fine art print before the 1st September this is also possible, simply make sure you make this clear when placing the order. There will be a discount applied on orders placed before the 1st September.

As always, many thanks for your support and thank you to everyone who has purchased a print from me in the past.