Confidence, Hard Work & The ‘Nifty 50’ On The Streets

These three things have tied in together over the past month or so in my life. It has been hard and also been fantastic. The creative struggle is real, everyone at some point will hit that block where they really find it hard to deliver what they want. It is tough, people try to help and encourage you and tell you that your work looks great - they mean well but when you look at your work you are unhappy with what you see.

Welcome To Something New!

I always feel like I spend time launching something new, but honestly this really feels like more of an evolution of something I have been working on for years. I first started in photography when I moved to London and over the years I taught myself how to develop a style. Learned how to work a DSLR on manual (trust me it isn't as scary as you might think) and learned how to edit in Lightroom...