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City & Street

A perfect gift for any occasion. Prints available of Mark’s city and street work to purchase in size A3 at present. Unframed shipping to worldwide customers and framed shipping available to customers in the Republic of Ireland.
A3 unframed – €55.00
A3 framed – €75.00
Email markdaltonphotography@outlook.com for further details.

Interior photography

No matter what the space is from a home to commercial property to entertainment spaces. We specialise in interior photography. If you want to show off the best side of your interior space and draw viewers into the photo then this is a perfect option for you. Give your promotional material or your online digital media the ultimate boost with stunning photos.

We use natural light and blending techniques of photographs taken at different exposures, this allows us to capture the natural ambience of your interior setting with supplementary light used if needed.

Commercial Photography

Looking for high quality shots for your business brochure or upcoming promotions/sales? Need to get high quality photos of your business premises, exterior and interior? We are available and ready to help you get what you need. Give customers what they want with high quality photos for your online store before they decide to purchase.

Today, the internet is the first port of call for many potential customers and professional, high quality images will give your business a clear advantage.

Resedential Property Photography

Professional photographs are key to creating eye catching imagery for websites, social media or print media. With a focus on real estate photography, we plan shoots in close collaboration with real estate agents to make sure that we get the prefect angles for you to show off a new home to hit the market. Each property is unique and as such we plan each shoot closely with the agency so that our photographs can make the perfect first impression.

Architectural Photography

Do you want to show off your building at the best time of day and from the best angles? Maybe you want some unique views on a building you look at an enter 5 days out of 7 in the week? We will consult with you to find the best time of day and the best angles to shoot your building from so that you can really show off its beauty.

Hospitality Photography

The hospitality sector in Ireland is on the rise and is ever evolving. No matter what your position is in the industry, from hotel to AirBnB or a traditional BnB, professional photographs are key to drawing in customers to stay with for the duration of their visit. People will decide whether they want to book or not based on what they see through photographs online, so make sure you are not missing out on business with a poor selection of shots that don’t do your business justice.

Night Photography

Night time brings buildings to life in a completely different way. Reflections and long exposures make for an incredible playground as the rules of photography get tossed out the window. The long exposure of people and vehicles around a building can lead to a new and exciting perspective, something which you would never have considered seeing before.

Night photography is our bread and butter, if you want something unique taken after hours which gives a fresh spin on what you see in the day then this exactly what you are looking for.

Arial Photography

Arial photography gives you a completely different perspective from what you see at ground level. Using DJI drones we can get up in the air and give you a completely different look and feel than what you get at ground level. Our drones are registered with and approved by the IAA (Irish Aviation Authority).

Stock Photos

Coming later this year we will be launching stock photo packs to purchase which will be centered around a variety of themes such as home, food & drink, hospitality ect. These will be generic images which can be used by any business in a particular industry and perfect for social media accounts or promotional materials. Launching later this year.

24 hour turnaround

In a busy world we know that speed is a key factor for out clients, nothing worse than having to wait for the photographer to finish up with their end of the deal while you wait to launch business promotional material or market a new home. So once we finish shooting your location we will start working on your shots straight away. Our aim is to provide you with the finished shots in a 24 hour turnaround after shooting. We aim to deliver both high quality and really fast so that you can get to work straight away.

How does it work?

So it all sounds good, it sounds like this is what you are looking for. Great! If you want to know the full details of what happens next you can check out the FAQ section here.

Simply send us an email – markdaltonphotography@outlook.com

When you do send us an email, include as much detail as you can. Don’t worry, you haven’t committed to anything yet, we ain’t gonna send you a bill for reaching out! There are no prices or estimates included on the website because we need to know what the job spec is first. Once we get the details, we will work out the cost of the job and then you can decide what you want to do next before committing to anything.

If you want to walk away, no problem! If you want to go ahead with the job we will arrange contracts for the job spec and get started asap.

So don’t delay! Contact us today to arrange a booking before this block of text disappears from this website forever! Simply email us or fill out the contact form here to talk to us about what you need.