All our printed work is UltraHD Hahnemühle Fine Art Print. This is the gold standard quality for photographers printing work in the business. It is a top of the line print with a stunning finish which is incredibly sharp, clear and the highest quality available.

Frames are supplied by Strand Framing in Clonakilty. The frames are handmade from the Strand Framing factory in West Cork and the photograph is mounted inside the frame as standard.

The photographs shown below are available to order. If you ask about photographs which are on my social media but not shown below then I am afraid the answer you will receive is that the photography you are looking for is currently unavailable. Please only order from the gallery selections below. (Note: These galleries will be available from October 2019, before then you can continue to order any shot you like as before). Keep an eye out on exclusive limited offers for prints which will appear at different times of the year.

At present the only size you can order is A3. The 12×8 size has been discontinued. There will be new sizes to come in January 2020. The current prices are as follows.

A3 Unframed : €55.00
A3 Framed : €75.00 (Ireland only)

To make an order, simply browse the currently available collection below (you can click an image to see a larger preview). At the bottom of each photograph you will see a title label for the shot you are looking at. So at the bottom of the photo for The Bloom Hotel you will see the caption “bloom hotel.” All you need to do is drop us an email to or send us a message on social media with the title of the shot you want and we will look after the rest.

Prints Available For Order:

Dublin @ Daytime

Dublin @ Night

Away From City Life